I Sea Glass

Unique hand made artwork using authentic nature made sea glass.


Sea glass begins as shards of glass that are constantly tumbled by the ocean currents and tides.  They are ground until the sharp edges are smoothed and rounded. Over many years, the glass loses its slick surface and gains a frosted appearance. 

Naturally produced sea glass most commonly originates from coastal dumpsites and shipwrecks.  Discarded bottles, crystal, and porcelain dishes.  Transformed by time and Mother Nature, the shards become glitter litter washed ashore.  Each piece goes from trash to treasure, to be sought after and collected.  Sea glass is the ultimate survivor.  

Over the past several years I have travelled many times to Nova Scotia to visit my son who attended University in Halifax.  On each visit we would spend many hours by the ocean beachcombing for sea glass. Back at home in Ontario, sorting through my collection and touching the individual pieces, seaside memories of the salty brine and ocean waves inspire me to create.  

“I Sea Glass” artwork is my way of sharing my sea glass obsession with you.  The entire process of collecting and making the pictures brings me such joy.  I hope you feel that same kind of delight every time you look at the piece you have chosen.  Thank you for your purchase.

Marsha Morassutti
Aurora, Ontario

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